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Louie the Lightening Bug
October 21, 2011

As always we are busy,  busy but in spite of our busy work schedule, we have found the time to do some fun things too. The kinders and I have started doing aerobics for the first fifteen minutes of every morning! I turn on the music and we get going. When we are feeling really energetic (or should I say I), we form a conga line and march around the school building.

Tuesday when everyone went to AR party in Duncan and Mrs. Champion and I were the only classes in the school, the kinders and I cranked up the music and took our exercise out in the hall. We marched around the hall and danced and the kinders thought it was super cool that we had the run of the school. We have been talki ng a lot about how much exercise really helps your brain to work better and makes it easier for you to concentrate on work. Who knows,  maybe we'll get some muscles and Mrs. Liddiard might lose some weight.

Well it is a good thing we are exercising as we are still cooking! Since my last post we have made mini pizzas and pumpkin bread. We cook every Thursday now and are blessed enough to have the help of Jacob's mom, Jodi and Keegan's mom LaShauna. I don't know what we would do without them. The three of us have really gotten the cooking bug and are even going to attempt to make spider cake balls for our fall party. I'm a little worried about the results but I'm hoping the kinders will care more about  taste  than appearance. Check out our latest pictures by clicking on the oven mitts on the right.

It has been a couple of weeks since my last post but it has been exciting. I want to shout out a big congratulations to our highschool girls volleyball team who made it to state! Though they got knocked out in the final round we are so proud of them. It is a great accomplishment and they really worked hard.  The elementary did a little pep rally and then lined the roadway and shouted cheers as they headed out of town. Our kinders made signs and held them up for the team to see as they passed by.  To see the celbration click on the photo gallery in the sidebar to see the pictures

Although we have had an exciting few weeks. It has been marred by the news that teacher aide, Lisa Park has breast cancer. She has chosen to take the rest of the year off so she can attend to her health. Though we are sad and will greatly miss her, we understand and wish her the best.

Big Pasture may be a small school but it is a small school with a big heart. On Mrs. Park's last Friday on October 14, everyone wore pink in support of her and breast cancer survivors. At team meeting that afternoon Mrs. Bejessie asked Mrs. Park as well as bus driver, Mrs. Jane and myself who are both breast cancer survivors  to come to the front of the auditorium where she presented us each with a vase of pink carnations.  If that wasn't touching enough, she had the entire school and the several parents attending the meeting to make a huge circle around the auditorium. While Lisa, Jane and I stood in the middle, they sang us "I believe I can fly." It was a very touching moment and I will never forget the moment I looked over at the third and fourth grade classes and there were several sobbing. Afterwards several children gave us hugs and one former student said, "Mrs. Liddiard I just never knew you had breast cancer!"  Wow this is an awesome school! Makes me proud to say I teach here.

--Lisa Liddiard

October 1, 2011

Well here is my first attempt (this year) at a little kinder blog. Last year I tried this and after it kept crashing I gave up. Hopefully I am a little smarter at this webpage thing and we can keep this page updated all year.  We had a super busy but awesome week. We worked on letter Tt in phonics so if you get a chance you might go on a /t/ sound hunt around your house with your kinder to find things that begin with the letter Tt.

Your kinder may have told you how we have started cooking on Friday's. This week in celebration of Johnny Appleseed's birthday we made crockpot applesauce. The kinders cut up apples and we put them in a crockpot with brown sugar, cinnamon and spices and four hours later had a very yummy treat! The general opinion was that it was fabulous but a few kiddos gave it a thumbs down. For pictures and recipes  click on the oven mitts on the right sidebar.

After cooking, we had two apples left over so we made apple prints in which we cut the appes in half, dipped them in paint and then pressed them onto white construction paper. When I get them mounted onto green paper I'll post them here.

As if this week and Friday in particular was not exciting enough, our school had a visit from Louie the Lightening Bug. This is a production put on by the National Theater for Children and is funded by the Public Service Company of Oklahoma. The play teaches children about how to be safe around electricity. In addition to being informative, the play was very entertaining and the kinders really enjoyed it.  Click on the (rather fuzzy) picture in the right sidebar that I took with my phone to see Louie and his super hero sidekick.

Check back for the next installment of BPK Rocks!

-Mrs. Liddiard
The kinders greeting the girls as they entered the gymnasium. The kinders lining the roadway with signs. Trooper Forrest White leading the girls team bus out of town. The Big Pasture girls volleyball team waving as they passed by the elementary kids. Kinders holding up their signs.
The kinders showing off their pink tissue carnations in support of Mrs. Park and breast cancer survivors.
BPK cheers BP girls volleyball to state tournament!
October is
Breast Cancer