October 11, 2010
We're Baaaaak!!!!!

Yes we are back. As I mentioned in my note last week my husband and I decided to get a new computer. Unfortunately our old one didn't have enough memory to handle our webpage and so after much deliberation and research we bought a new computer. I spent some time this morning updating our webpage. It may take a few days or even a week but be patient it will happen.

Now onto better things. Have I ever told you I LOVE OCTOBER?!  Well if not, I do. Reason being something magical seems to happen in kindergarten every October--those kinders who struggled with Phonics, letters, sounds, etc. in August seem to suddenly GET IT! Something just clicks. It happens every year.

The beginning of the school year is a love/hate relationship for me. I love new beginnings and getting to know my new students but I get impatient. Im ready to fly in Phonics and several my kinders just aren't quite ready. Its a maturation "thang". I know this but it isn't an easy time for me . Every time I'm teaching Phonics and a student doesn't seem to get it I smile at them and whisper to myself,  "Be patient, soon it will be October."

Well October was officially here as of last week. They are getting it and I'M LOVIN' IT!  I have more than just myself and the kinders to thank for that. A big part of this "metamorphosis" is due to parents. You are doing that homework folder and your hard work is paying off!

Speaking of parents, Friday morning Big Pasture held its annual "Muffins with Mom." Although I didn't get to go because of students arriving at my building, I was able to get a few pictures. Several of our moms--and dads attended as well as grandparents. The kinders were thrilled to get to spend breakfast with their families.

Friday as a whole was very exciting. In the afternoon Aiden brought his show and tell-a kitten! Aiden shared with us how he took care of his kitten and then he let us pet it. Thanks Aiden for sharing with us!

After show and tell we sang happy birthday to Gracie who turned 6 Friday. Happy Birthday Gracie! We had an impromptu birthday party. Gracie's mom brought cupcakes and our leader Aiden brought ice cream cups so we had cake and ice cream.

If all that wasn't exciting enough, our class hosted team meeting. We lead the school in the pledge and then for our "talent" we shared the Spanish words we have learned this year. Each kinder got to share a word and a picture that they had colored of that word. Though nervous about the prospect of standing in front of the school, they did great. I am very proud of them. It was an awesome end to an awesome week. Check back next week (fingers crossed) for the next installment of This Week at BPK.

Muffins with Mom
Show and Tell
Team Meeting
Our new school--wow can you believe how fast its happening?!
October 11-15, 2010:

Are we really finished with the first nine weeks of school? It does not seem possible as it was not that long ago the kinders were walking through my door for the first time.  Oh well before you know it Christmas will be here.

In reading this week we worked on letter Ss and really got into blending words. You may have noticed that our readers this week have less picture words and more blending or decodable words. The kinders are doing great but we really need to stress the importance of saying those sounds and then blending them together. Many of our little ones are guessing. If your kinder is struggling with blending words in sentences you may want to put those blending words on index cards and have them read the words prior to reading the readers. Sometimes it can be frustrating for teachers and parents when kinders struggle with blending. I just try to remember the time I tried to learn French and gave up after a week. Learning to read is a bit like our learning a new language. Practice, practice and lots of praise go a long way. This next week will be learning the  letter Pp. You might want to go on a Pp hunt around your house looking for things that begin with the /p/ sound.

In math we worked on identifying and ordering numbers 0-10.  I am really impressed with this group's number recognition. I think a lot of it has to do with how much parents are working on those homework folders. Keep up the good work. This next week I am introducing pennies and matching money amounts to a number. I know many of you are working on money in the homework folders and have said your kinder is struggling. Perhaps after this week it will become slightly easier.

As I mentioned last week I love October and especially autumn art. This week we worked on fall leaves for our bulletin board. It is a work in progress and the kinders and I still have to make pumpkins  but it should be finished soon. Check out the pictures below of the kinders  making paint blob art in fall colors. This week we will  cut them into fall leaves. 

This is a short week coming up and then FALL BREAK!! The kinders are really looking forward to it and I know I look forward to spending time with my family. Well check back next week to see what we are up to. Have an awesome week!
Math can be fun! The kinders playing a math game and learning numbers that lets them practice identifying numbers and number order.
The kinders in the process of making fall leaves for our bulletin board.
A one-to-one correspondence activity in which the kinders match flowers to the number of stems in the pot.
Sorting buttons by number of holes in each button, then by shape and then color.
After finishing the counting activity the kinders decided to pattern and sort the game pieces. WOW!
Math Centers

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