Kinder Fall Party
Falls Fest
Mrs. Liddiard's
Kindergarten Photo Album
The BPK Class of 2010-2011 may have moved on to first grade but the memories I share with this class and their families are precious. I am still going through the thousands of photos taken by kinder parents and myself and hope to soon have the best ones of the year up. I am up to March so be patient! Thank you so much to 2010-2011 parents. You and your kiddos  made my year awesome! Good luck in first grade!
Big Pasture Kindergarten's First Week of School
BPK Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch
October 27, 2010
Big Pasture Kindergarten's

Red Ribbon Week
We'd rather do reading, drawing, singing, sports--anything than do drugs!
October 25-29, 2010
Drugs are trash!
We are leading the school on a parade!We'd rather draw than do drugs!
We would rather read than do drugs--on top of the big slide no less!"Your'e so silly Mrs. Liddiard!" Nope I'm so scared! The kinders laughing at my fear of being up on the red and green slide. 
Thank goodness for Mrs. Gable she showed the kinders the steps to "The Chicken Dance" while Mrs. Liddiard was in her usual  place behind the camera. Mrs. Gable instructing us on the proper hand placement for the "Macarena."
We'd rather do sports than drugs!
Making crayon resist jack-o-lanterns. Making paper chains for the party.Halloween reading centers. Pumpkin bingo.Halloween puzzle game that teaches beginning sounds. Build a jack-o-lantern reading center. Kinders helping me pull up the mats so we could play musical chairs. The kinders who got eliminated from the game got to dance and do air guitar in the middle.Carving the class jack-o-lantern. EEEEEUUUUWWWW! That's gross! Now you know why you guys are getting to do it! Yuk!Party Time!Our awesome kinder parents helped out at our party. Trying to show off our glow in the dark bracelets but the camera wouldn't cooperate.Finally got a picture of our bracelets. The kinder girls helping me get ready for our bracelet making booth at Falls Fest. They are sorting letter beads. Wow! I must be a pretty good teacher because they got those letter beads sorted quickly. Saved me about thirty minutes of work. Thanks girls!My first customers at our bracelet booth at Falls Fest.One of our kinders showing off her new bracelet.Grayson's mom Tina helping a kinder at our tattoo booth. Thanks kinder mom's Tina, Shelley, Chancey and Kim for all the help!Cool tattoos!Some Big Pasture girls decked out as butterflies.Mrs. Liddiard look at my mohawk!What every kinder needs-glow in the dark teeth.Mohawks seem to be the trend with kinders tonight.
BP Kindergarten decked out in their red, white and blue tees.  The kinders patriotic decorations for the auditorium.Kinders in the hall waiting to be called into the program.
Big Pasture's
Veteran's Day Program
Friendship Stew
November 19, 2010
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Christmas at BPK
December 2010
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    Homecoming Week
     January 15-19, 2011

   100th Day of Kindergarten!
  January 30, 2011

Wearing our 100 glasses to lunch!
Making a necklace out of 100 fruit loops. Bagging up 100 goodies for snack!Making a picture with 100 sticky dots!
Valentine's Day Party
February 11, 2011
Kinder Girl's Spa Day
February 12, 2011
After hair and nails were done the girls tried their new look out on stage singing karaoke favorites. All dolled up and at the movies to watch Justin Bieber's Never Say Never!
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